Common Repairs Found During Inspections

Home Inspection

It's time to have a home inspected once you put it under contract. This can sometimes be more work and can be just as terrifying (or scarier) than the initial contract discussion. It's critical to know what to anticipate from an examination. It's typical for houses to need repairs as they age. Older homes frequently have out-of-date systems since construction standards evolve and improve. It makes the inspection process go more smoothly if you are aware of this prior to having the property inspected.

    Major Systems in Homes of Any Age

    Homes Built from 2000 to Present

    Homes Built from 1990-2000

    Homes Built from 1970-1990

    Homes Built from 1960-1970

    Homes Built Pre-1960

    While not all of the issues you'll notice during an inspection are included on this list, it's still a good idea for you to be aware of the high-impact ones. In case you have any inquiries regarding anything listed here or any other repair items, don't hesitate to contact us!