Prepping Your Home For A Photo Shoot


Photographers have a precise schedule to follow and have been given a specific amount of time to shoot according to the package ordered. To ensure the creative process is not disturbed and for best photographic results, have this list completed PRIOR to the photographer’s arrival, and plan in advance a bedroom or office for you (and children/pets) to hang out during the shoot.

The photographer’s schedule does not allow for time to move items from room to room during the shoot, wait for this list to be completed, nor can the photographer help move furniture for liability reasons. If you are not home for the shoot, we will turn the lights on and off upon completion!

The Matterport 3D scan process will take about 45 min to 1 hour per 1000sf. There can be no pets or people in the house during the scan as movement can cause problems in the 3D rendering process. The scanning process is for interiors only. This is the checklist for you to prepare the home for the 3d scan.

Laundry Rooms, garages, closets/pantries will not be photographed unless requested.

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