Prepping Your Home For A Photo Shoot


Home selling is as much about psychology as it is about pricing and marketing. Buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in a home – not how you live in it. Floor plans can help tremendously with this side of the equation but your listing photos are the first thing anyone will see.


Photographers have a precise schedule to follow and have been given a specific amount of time to shoot according to the package ordered. To ensure the creative process is not disturbed and for best photographic results, have this list completed PRIOR to the photographer’s arrival, and plan in advance a bedroom or office for you (and children/pets) to hang out during the shoot.

The photographer’s schedule does not allow for time to move items from room to room during the shoot, wait for this list to be completed, nor can the photographer help move furniture for liability reasons. If you are not home for the shoot, we will turn the lights on and off upon completion!

The Matterport 3D scan process will take about 45 min to 1 hour per 1000sf. There can be no pets or people in the house during the scan as movement can cause problems in the 3D rendering process. The scanning process is for interiors only. This is the checklist for you to prepare the home for the 3d scan.

Laundry Rooms, garages, closets/pantries will not be photographed unless requested.


Put your buyer’s hat on and walk through your home like it is the first time. Great photos start with beautifully staged spaces, so let’s get started!

  • Make every surface shine; vacuum, mop, and clean those windows!
  • Turn ON all of the lights and lamps and check for burnt out bulbs
  • Ensure you are using bulbs of the same temperature
  • Blinds and shutters adjusted open to let light in. You can lift your blinds all the way up as well if there is a nice view
  • Turn OFF all ceiling fan blades
  • Turn OFF all televisions and computer screens
  • Eliminate any bad odors
  • Depersonalize each room
  • Organize your closets, cabinets and drawers in every room – you know people are going to look


Curb appeal is crucial to a good first impression so make sure your home’s exterior is a stand-out!

  • Powerwash your house, driveway and sidewalk
  • Improve your landscaping – MULCH MULCH MULCH!
  • Make any needed repairs
  • Create an inviting front door such as a fresh coat of paint and adding a new welcome mat
  • Remove empty planters
  • Remove visible water hoses
  • No cars in the driveway at photo time


Where do we gather to relax, watch TV, read or hang out by a fire? Here. Make it look like a great space to do these things.

  • Remove all personal items/remotes from table tops and open shelving – exceptions are decorative items
  • Fluff and arrange pillows, chairs, blankets/throws
  • Remove the kids toys
  • Get rid of those stacks of magazines
  • Hide the remotes – or we will and you may never find them!


Your dining space needs to convey how nice it would be for that dinner party or family gathering to be there.

  • Clear the table – clean and polish
  • Feature one centerpiece – flowers work great
  • Take a moment to make sure the chairs are straight and spaced evenly
  • Remove the child seats/boosters


Where does everyone hang out the most? The kitchen, people.

  • Remove ALL items from kitchen countertops / islands – exceptions are decorative items
  • Remove EVERYTHING from the outside of the refrigerator
  • Remove that plastic soap dispenser
  • Put away dishtowels/sponges
  • Hide trashcan and remove rugs
  • Oh and make sure you do your dishes. Yes we have to say this.


You decide your style but make it welcoming. Nobody wants to feel stressed out looking at a cluttered, messy bedroom.

  • Remove ALL items from table/countertops – exceptions are lamps/decorative items
  • Store phone/tablet chargers
  • Make beds and straighten pillows
  • Make sure nothing shows underneath the bed
  • Hide trashcans and EMPTY diaper genies


We all enjoy a spa like bathroom! Clear out your personal items stat.

  • Remove ALL items (except fresh flowers!) from bathroom countertops. This includes plastic decorator soap dispensers.
  • Towels hung straight and remove towels/bathrobes on hooks
  • Put the toilet seats DOWN
  • Remove bath rugs
  • Empty the shower of shampoos, soaps, shower caddies – yes, all of it


Outdoor living is as important to some as indoor living.

  • Powerwash the house, porch and pool surround
  • Improve your landscaping – MULCH MULCH MULCH!
  • Straighten up tables, chairs and lounges – add fresh outdoor pillows and cushions
  • Open up patio umbrellas
  • Clear out the kids toys
  • Remove trash cans
  • Remove visible water hoses
  • Hide lawn equipment
  • Remove the pool cleaner
  • Hide pool cleaning supplies and brushes
  • Clean the pet poop – nothing ruins someone’s day like stepping in that


You love your pets. Your buyers may not.

  • Steam clean furniture/carpet to remove odors
  • Remove pet carriers and crates
  • Hide pet dishes
  • Hide litter boxes
  • Clean up the pet waste in the backyard
  • Repair any damaged doors
  • Cover damage on furniture with throws or blankets – can’t leave buyers thinking what else is damaged
  • Last but definitely not Least: Take the pets out of the house for the photo shoot! We do not want surprise cameos by your pets in the photos.


From the moment the sun sets, there is about a 15-20 minute window to complete the twilight exterior photography, so everything must be ready to go!

  • Check that all windows that can be seen from the outside have the lights on and the curtains/blinds are open – this includes garages!
  • Turn on all exteriors lights – with the exception of flood lights
  • Turn on all landscape lighting
  • Turn on all pool lights and water features
  • All cars are to be removed from the driveway

Do a trial run the night before your photo shoot! Follow the above list and walk the exterior of your house to make sure it looks perfect!

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