Setting Your Property’s Asking Price

Fair Market Value Assessment

Setting the right price for your property from the outset is crucial for ensuring maximum market exposure as well as influencing how long it will take to sell your home.

Comparative Market Analysis

The most accurate method of determining a property's potential selling price is to conduct an unbiased assessment of market activity. Fair Market Value (FMV) is determined by Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), which also takes into account comparable properties that:

We Apply the Following Standards to Comparable Property Evaluation:

  • Properties active, under contract, or sold within 6 months.
  • Properties in the same or similar neighborhoods.
  • Properties +/-­10% of your square footage.
  • Properties with like attributes: # of stories, # of garage spaces, with or without a pool,
  • Properties in similar condition.
  • Remove Foreclosures & Short Sales.

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