Planning To Relocate?

Services & Process

1. Preliminary Advice

We prefer to arrange a brief phone contact to discuss your quest before we begin going. We'll need to find out your deadline, your objectives, your budget, and your location requirements. Do you prefer to start off communications by email? That's absolutely no issue!

2. Recommendations for the Area & Neighborhood

We will offer you a list of region and neighborhood recommendations after we have spoken about what you need in a new house and what's essential to you in terms of location. These will match your spending limit, commute, and any other vital location-specific requirements like schools or closeness to entertainment.

  • 3. Targeted Real Estate Searches - Although we will also set up highly targeted property searches based on the locations we've identified and your unique needs in your new house, it's fantastic for you to conduct your own web research. We have years of experience using the MLS's robust property search, so we can tailor your searches just for you. To make it simple for you to arrange your search, we will establish a new search for each area or neighborhood that you choose to explore.
  • 4. Create a Favorites List - We'll provide you access to a client portal where you can store properties you like, consider other options, and delete ones you don't. Making notes on homes will help you recall what you liked about each one afterwards. This enables you to simply discuss your opinions on various properties and localities if you're buying your new home with your partner or family.

5. Visit Locations & Properties

When you visit, we would be pleased to spend as much time with you as you would like. We usually take our time seeing as many communities as we can to help you get a sense of which one best suits your needs. We are also happy to show you as many properties as you would like to see to ensure that you are confident in your knowledge of the market and your possibilities.

6. Recommended Vendors

Since you're a newcomer to the area, we're delighted to give you a list of the suppliers we've known and used for years. We can give you the names of a top-notch mortgage lender, home inspection, insurance company, gardener, and more! Ask for assistance if you need it to find help.

Advice for a Successful Relocation

You Found a Home, Now What?

Please refer to the detailed guideline that we have formulated below!


Step 1

Home Search (1-3 Months)

It's tough to predict how long it will take you to find your new house because everyone searches at their own speed. When you feel confident in your grasp of the market, you want to go with a home. This could take a few months or just a weekend. Before making an offer, the majority of people look for 1-3 months.

Buyer Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

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Contract To Close

Now That You’ve Selected A Home, We Will Need To Get From Contract To Close.

The Mortgage Process

It’s a great idea to get pre-approved for a mortgage before you begin looking for properties to purchase.

Common Repairs Found During Inspections

After you put a property under contract, it’s time to have it inspected.

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