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Austin Market Realty is dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive and relevant information related to real estate in Austin, Texas. We excel at defining Austin market trends so home buyers and sellers can make well-informed decisions. Our detailed processes are designed to increase your quality of life while protecting your real estate interests long term. Feel free to contact us to discuss your home buying, selling, and leasing needs.

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Home selling is as much about psychology as it is about pricing and marketing. Buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in a home – not how you live in it. Floor plans can help tremendously with this side of the equation but your listing photos are the first thing anyone will see.

Seasonality in the Market

Your sales price and selling experience might be greatly impacted by the time of year you decide to list. Find out more about the seasonality of the market here.

Buyer and Seller Markets

Because real estate markets are so hyper-local, each community has its own unique leverage characteristics. Find out how to identify whether a market is currently a buyer's or seller's market.


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Coming Soon Marketing

Building Demand to Encourage Multiple Offers

Intelligent Real Estate Pricing Strategy

Most agents merely conduct a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and rely only on this information when recommending a list price.

Seller's vs Buyer's Market Calculation

Determining a Buyer’s, Seller’s, or Balanced Market Condition

Effective Real Estate Marketing

Preparing Your Property for market

Prepping For a Photoshoot

Make your first impression count

Outstanding Follow-up

Monitoring Progress is Integral to Our Success

The Seasonality Of Austin Market

he best time to sell your property in Austin is clearly from April to August

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